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Link: http://personallifemedia.com/podcasts/216-inside-out-weight-loss/episodes/2785-yo-yo-dieting-positive-intent-chronic

The idea of positive intent helped me realize that everything I ever did was intended to make me feel better. Even when I ate and ate and ate, until I was in pain.

  • Even negative behaviors have positive intent.
  • You may want to just get rid of the negative behaviors, but they have a purpose and that purpose will always find a way out, unless you deal with it appropriately
  • Safety is often a primary driver for overeating. Some reasons include sexual threats or deprivation or domestic violence
  • These negative emotions conflict with your desired state, rather like a tug-of-war
  • Resolving these inner conflicts is the key to making it easy to achieve your normal eating and weight loss goals.
  • Resolving conflicts is not necessarily a smooth process. It’s important to cut yourself slack, but keep trying.
  • Being thankful for the positive intent behind the negative behavior is important for resolving conflict.
  • Looking towards the higher goal outside of the negative behavior helps you think about other ways to achieve that goal

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Link: http://personallifemedia.com/podcasts/216-inside-out-weight-loss/episodes/2786-breaking-free-weight-loss-fitting

This was when I realized that, even though I’m learning intuitive eating, I have things to learn. A plan generally helps learning. It was also one of the first times I realized that excess weight is weighing me down.

  • Set intent for your next activity. It will help you stay focused on your goals.
  • Important to focus on the behaviors you want to have, not the physical state
  • This means starting to separate yourself from a lot of the pain you don’t want in your life any more
  • Pay attention to your feelings and really enjoy describing what’s going on inside your body
  • Talk to the emotions that are painful, listening to understand what positive things they are giving you

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This is the first Guided Journey Renee does in the podcasts. She also sells more in-depth ones on her website somewhere. Again, after listening to this many times, I finally came up with the following list of things I want.


  • 1. Honor my wisdom and experience to be who I want to be now, not any “shoulds”
  • 2. Eat food that I enjoy while maintaining a low weight.
  • 3. Move smoothly and strongly without jiggling.
  • 4. Love myself with peacefulness and confidence.
  • 5. Have strong knees.
  • 6. Doing the hobbies that I love and becoming good at things
  • 7. Be conversational and friendly in German and English
  • 8. Be a good small-talker and am more outgoing
  • 9. Perform on the harp
  • 10. Write many books or screenplays
  • 11. I set boundaries on problems and solutions, and work within them.
  • 12. Keeping a much lower amount of food in stock
  • 13. Easily throw away one or two leftover bites
  • 14. Happily identify full as feeling light and energetic
  • 15. Cutting pre-defined portions in half or smaller without thinking
  • 16. Bicycling and exercising with as much pleasure as I used to
  • 17. I feel competent and readily do my everyday tasks
  • 18. Quickly deciding what I want and what I like
  • 19. Renewing myself in many different ways
  • 20. Meditate and do other peaceful activities frequently
  • 21. Go into nature frequently
  • 22. Surround myself with soothing sounds like running water and ticking clocks


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Link: http://personallifemedia.com/podcasts/216-inside-out-weight-loss/episodes/2788-dreams-diet

This podcast was hard for me – I wasn’t used to dreaming what I wanted. Somehow I could never believe that it might become true. After listening to the podcast several times, and taking notes, I finally start to understand what it means to dream what you want and then pursue it rationally.

  • Toward Motivation
  • Objective is to make lifetime changes
  • Some of my desired lifetime changes
    • Keeping a much lower amount of food in stock
    • Throwing away one or two bites
    • Happily identifying full as a feeling of not hungry and feeling light and energetic
    • Cutting pre-defined portions in half or smaller without thinking
    • Bicycling and exercising with as much pleasure as in my 20’s
    • Feeling confident enough to do regular small talk
  • Time to start is now. If not now, then when. You have nothing but now.
  • The weight gain is due to something being unstable about you. Loss and maintenance is about stabilizing and reaching a calm steady state.

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Note: these podcasts talk about weight loss, which some feel to be incompatible with the notion of intuitive eating. I disagree, and at the same time, I notice that Renee Stephens does not talk about going on a specific diet. She does, in a future podcast, talk about avoiding things like high-fructose corn syrup, etc., but it’s not a big weight loss/diet push.

That said, this podcast is about visualizing your future. This is where we start to learn about creating motivation that either moves us away from our current state, or moves us toward our future state.


My notes:

  • Permanent change to intuitive eating requires both To and From motivation
  • your habits define you. What are you creating right now?
  • The only moment for action is now
  • Dreaming of your future helps you to move forward
  • Create my motivational base: Toward and From Motivation, what I want to be able to do
    • Ride bicycle with hubby
    • But I believe that I can’t get there without embarrassment, so often I don’t even try to change
    • Sometimes you can ignore the Buts, but often you must destroy some of the
    • To motivations need to come soon enough to be believable
    • I might be better off identifying long term motivations (>1 month) and short term (<1 week)
    • I successfully experienced new fullness levels last week – my goal for this week is to find out how many days I can do the same
  • Away from motivations fade quickly once you are a little away
  • Away from motivation Worksheet questions:
    • What are your unwanted behaviors?
    • Unwanted symptoms?
    • Consequences of the behaviors and symptoms?
    • Who else is affected by your issues? How are they affected?
  • How will your life be in 5 years if you don’t change anything? 10 years? 20? Unless you change course, you will be living this then. Turn this inside out to create the resolve to change.

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Link to the podcast:


This podcast came after the first few episodes, and was renumbered to come first. Renee had a few things to explain about the process used in the podcasts.

My notes:

  • How to resolve conflicts in wishes
  • Each attempt to move to normal eating increases the probabilty of success, so don’t feel discouraged
  • We will change the inner to the outer
  • This is about integration of mind with body
  • It’s ok to use a diet plan with this – the podcast will help you stick to your plan
  • It’s great to use the podcasts while working on normal eating – the same principles
    • One of my personal conflicts is the idea of eating intuitively while striving to lose weight
    • I propose changing my eating to have less protein, fat and sugar
  • We’ll learn to change your Don’t Wants into your Do Wants
  • We’ll dream about being your best you
  • Everyone who is eating more than they need is in some form of conflict
  • This podcast will take you step by step through the integration process

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There’s a podcast called Inside Out Weight loss, cast by Renee Stephens. I’ve been listening to the podcasts for a while, and find that it really has helped me stop overeating.

Since I have so much weight to lose, and so much crap thinking to clean up, I know it will take a long time to make the changes I’m making. As ever, my goal is to be an intuitive eater in a normal weight range.

It would be really great if you could help me by listening along and giving feedback. There are about 3 dozen podcasts, and I will post my notes from each podcast along with a link to Renee’s site, so you can listen along. I’d really appreciate comments from you with your opinions and experiences.

Please note I am not associated with Renee Stephens in any way. I just listen to the podcasts and work on improving my own life.

Here are the basics:

Renee’s web page is located at http://personallifemedia.com/hosts/208-renee-stephens

The podcasts are http://personallifemedia.com/podcasts/216-inside-out-weight-loss
They are also available on iTunes, just search for Inside Out Weight Loss. I personally subscribe via iTunes.
On the podcast site, she sometimes includes a transcript. That helps my understanding.

I’ll post my notes whenever I finish them for a particular podcast, and I’ll go in order, from podcast 000 through now.

Feel free to say anything you want to say about the podcasts. Comments might occasionally be edited, but for the most part I’m tolerant of dissenting opinions.


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