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For those of us who are very large, it’s often more important to find clothes that cover us rather than look good. For a long time I bought almost anything that fit even reasonably well, because there were simply so few clothes available to me in my size.

Now, I’m a bit smaller, and my bust is 2-3 sizes smaller than my hips. For tops, I fall into the plus size category, and for bottoms, I’m comfortably into the supersize or high plus sizes. That means I can often find comfortable pants, and can always find tops to fit.

Yikes! If tops are now easy to find, I’ll go broke if I stick to my former policy of “if it fits, buy it.” Example: I wanted a hippie-style tunic top. When I found a tolerable pink one, I bought it. Later I found a couple of tops that fit better that the tunic. The last few days, I’ve been photographed in all three. The pink top simply doesn’t fit right. I even had to roll up the sleeves, and the end result is, I think I should get rid of the pink one.

Take a look at the pictures. What do you think? Keep or toss?


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