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On my honor, I will try, to do my duty to God and my country, to help other people every day, especially those at home.
– the Brownie pledge of yesteryear

Forty years later I still remember that pledge, even though I probably never said it more than 50 times as a child. But I was loyal, loyal to a fault in most everything I did.
It can be hard for me to give up traditions. Not that the traditions themselves were all good, it’s just very hard for me to stop doing them. That’s a likely reason why it’s so hard for me to give up overeating.
I stuck by friends who didn’t want me as friends, people who didn’t want me around, stayed in situations I should have left long before.
Even recently I stayed with an exercise class that I stopped enjoying for more than a year. I kept signing up again and again for each new session. You’d think I’d whack myself with a cluebat eventually. Finally I got enough gumption to tell myself that it’s ok to quit. I know now that a prudent decision to end my relationship with a program or a person or a possession is a good thing.

I’m highly loyal to the newspaper funnies. It nearly broke my heart to hear that Calvin and Hobbes was ending. It took a very long time before I could accept that it was a change for the good, as Bill Watterson showed in his last strip. magical-world.gif 

Now this year, For Better or For Worse is ending, then restarting, and even Doonesbury is taking 3 months off. Jon Stewart has been on vacation for so many days now I’m in Daily Show withdrawal.

Now I know that these things exist in my life for growth and pleasure, and that everything changes, and the sooner you recognize the change coming, the easier it is to accept. I mean, for goodness’ sake, we’re talking about ink on paper here! How upset should a normal person get about these things? OK, I guess normal has never been a good label for me.

My eating patterns are one thing I see now as in transition. The change is frustrating, and I often think, “Why can’t I just eat and eat and eat without having to think about moderation?”
But the answer is clear – if I want the state of normal weight, I have to change something, and that something includes how much I eat. It just frustrates me to keep experimenting, yet never finding the change. It feels like I was at the bottom of a well, and even though I’ve climbed, it seems I almost no further than before.

I know I have to find the baseline level of eating that I can both sustain naturally and lost weight. I just can’t seem to find it. Grrr.


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Neil deGrasse Tyson is a brilliant physicist and a frequent visitor to The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. His insights on the role of astrophysics in our daily lives are stupendous. Check out the video below at minute 5:54.

When he asked, “What kind of thoughts do you have in a given day?” I realized that my recovery from my ED also includes pondering other life questions than just “why am I fat?” Hence this post.

But he disappointed me by denying the vital and glorious role that Barbie plays in Physics. Check out this interview with him. His shocking dolls comment occurs towards the end, around 42:30 – 43:30.

Unbelievable how he can in one minute describe how a messy house is good for you, or how spilled milk teaches physics, then follow it by denying Barbie’s greatness. “I’ve yet to find a law of physics that a child can experiment with using dolls.” Dr. Tyson, I’m disappointed in you, but since you’re otherwise compelling and even quite the hottie, I’ll forgive you and educate you as well.

Here are some ways in which Barbie helps us learn science.

  • Barbie as projectile: Bungee Barbie
  • Gravity experiments
  • Friction: slide her down a slide
  • Materials: why are different parts of her body made out of different materials?
  • Water: why does her hair not get flat and dark like ours when we wash it?
  • Perspective: how big a doll house does Barbie need to be proportional to a human house?
  • Mechanics: why do her legs bend that way, then oddly snap back just when you don’t want them to?
  • Electricity
  • Volume: how do you get those clothes on, or how big do your homemade Barbie clothes have to be to fit?
  • Mysteries of Life: what happens to those missing Barbie shoes?
  • Robotics: Barbie leg as prosthetic finger
  • Data and rational thinking: keeping track of your collection of Barbies, classifying them and organizing them
  • Ecology: Treetop Barbie

Dr. Tyson, I do hope you start thinking outside your own box, and thanks for helping me get outside my own.

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My emotions around my not getting the job have stayed the same as my last post. I’m totally happy that  I didn’t get it. I own my mistakes, which include interviewing badly and not choosing properly before applying. And I’m perfectly content to move on.

Eating is one of the surest signs of moments in which I am not true to myself. My eating has been great, with no binges, no diet thoughts, no useless self-criticism. I’ve even had good experiences in stopping obsessive thinking and choosing to get on with life. Feels good.

I’ve been enjoying not sticking to any regular schedule of eating, but rather paying attention to hunger and fullness. Jon Stewart just had a good quote that represents me fairly at the moment: “I don’t spend any time thinking about what I am or what we do means. I spend my time doing it. … I focus on the task and trying to do it as best we can.”

Good advice.

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Hairspray the movie just came out, but unfortunately I haven’t seen it yet. Any takes on whether the size issues are presented in a way that is interesting for those of us doing this recovery thing?

Jon Stewart has a nice interview with Christopher Walken on the movie. Very enjoyable. He sees himself as a person who could easily have been fat.


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Unbelievably hilarious!

The part about Alli is at the end. See also Alli’s website.

The link to the Stephen Colbert video is Alli video. It expires on July 20, so don’t be worried if it’s suddenly gone.

(I’m still learning how to embed videos on wordpress.com)

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I’m pretty satisfied with my progress on eating this month, but I did get stuck within the last few days. Work grabbed more of my free time, but I didn’t realize the impact until this morning. My weight is up a little this week, when I’d expected it to be down a little.

Causes of the scale number change are definitely not drinking my water for 3 days and too many salty foods yesterday, but I don’t believe there’s been any specific overeating.

Eating too many salty foods was just a coincidence of doing the shopping yesterday. I bought several new foods which were in limited availability, so DD and I did a taste test and I ran out and stocked up on the ones we wanted. Unfortunately for the scale reading, they were almost all salty foods: microwave popcorn, nuts, and the like. It’s nice to have them in the house, but I can’t even think of eating any more of them at the moment. Ick. But the kid will enjoy them, and I’ll even have some when I feel like it.

The water was more odd. I worked through some long, tough days, and simply wasn’t very thirsty. Don’t know why. But water keeps my system running smoothly, and I prefer to have close to 3 liters a day. The last few days I was drinking more like 2, sometimes less.

This extra focus on work helped expose my irrational thinking on home activities. On those evenings when I worked a lot, even having late (past 9 p.m.) teleconferences, I found myself aimlessly surfing the internet rather than doing more rewarding activities. A normally fun activity became dull, and the dishes and other household chores were not getting done.

This morning I realized what was missing: I have a clear idea of what my focus is at work: my big project. I have a clear idea of what my focus is in the internet: my blogs and The Daily Show. But my personal and home focus is less clear: sure dishes have to be kept up, but everything else is just a mountain of chores.

So I’m going to focus some goal thinking and positive thinking around improving my personal and home happiness. Some straw goals include:

  • Kitchen cleanliness is number one in the house, but after that I prefer to keep the living room orderly and dusted, the bathrooms nice, and my bedroom decluttered.
  • Aquajogging is my number one exercise, followed by housework. Anything else is icing on the energy cake.
  • Rest is more important than the internet. I slept in this morning, skipped a meal, and never thought twice about either the internet nor eating.
  • Personal time includes simple down time, doing nothing. But it also includes doing pet peeve chores, things that I really want to have done, and are driving me a bit crazy.

My positives:

  1. I’m pleased that I can do things now in 10 or 15 minute chunks.
  2. It was nice to look at today’s situation as a simple puzzle, rather than a gigantic failure event.
  3. The best question I’m asking myself at the moment is, “What can I do right now to feel happier?” You’d never expect that “take out the trash” is something that makes me happier sometimes, but it does.
  4. Shopping for myself as well as my family felt really good on Saturday.
  5. I’m very satisfied to replace guilt feelings about exercise with choices of exercise that make me happier.

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Note on the side: scale shows another loss – more than a pound.

I’m looking to link to like-minded blogs. Can you recommend any? My interests include:

And does anyone know how to do those cute polls in your blog posts?
I also welcome your favorite memes.

Let me know. Message, email, or comments all welcome.

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