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When I woke up this morning, I knew that I was satisfied with the Sabotage Self-sabotage guided journey, and what I have gotten out of it so far.

So far, I have worked through many conflicts that spur me to overeat, mostly emotionally. Many of these conflicts are resolved, but more importantly, I know how to recognize a conflict and how to accept it and take action on it without eating to compensate. That is success. I figure that this “internal conflict resolution” skill will keep growing as I continue to practice it.

Now I feel ready to work on hunger and fullness, so I bought the Appetite Adjuster guided journey from the same therapist, Renee Stephens. Journeys are available for purchase here, on hotdoodle.

After downloading the 22M file, I immediately listened to it. It’s about 18 minutes long, and has a slightly different structure than the Sabotage Self-sabotage journey.

There’s a thorough relaxation phase, a hunger switch recognition phase, and a teach yourself satisfaction phase. My immediate learnings are:

  • I knew what my switch feels like. When I am satisfied, I have a little sigh.
  • The big thing is, instead of feeling satisfied at the end of a meal, I feel satisfaction at the FIRST BITE. That means I always want more first bites, since they are satisfying.
  • Last bites create feelings of loss, rather than satisfaction
  • The feeling satisfied at the first bite is related to feelings of dissatisfaction at the end of the previous activity. When I eat, I’m more or less always using the first bite to create a food-induced feeling of satisfaction at whatever I just stopped doing. It’s a little funky, but I’m sure that’s what is happening.

How to change my funky thinking? First, I want to end activities with some little mental ceremony, so I don’t feel the need to eat after the end of each activity.

Second, I will deliberately use self-talk to positively end my meals, thereby creating a satisfaction experience at the end instead of the beginning.

Can I recommend that other people buy these journeys? Maybe. I’ve done quite a bit of analytic work to make sure I’m ready to take action based on these journeys. I’ve studied NLP, gone through many intuitive eating learning experiences, so I feel it’s appropriate for me. Two years ago, it probably wouldn’t have been right, but now it’s helping me make connections and take action I couldn’t have done back then.


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After using the guided journey for a couple of days, here’s a brief description of my experiences.

The 30 minute journey has 3 parts:

  • Relaxation and going into the “self-hypnosis” or quiet state
  • Identification and integration of the two opposing wishes (to lose weight and to keep the benefits of the weight)
  • Reinforcement of the learnings from the integration

What’s happened to me so far is that I’ve experienced strong emotions and memories while relaxing, and that each identification and integration experience has been different.

Example: today I visualized a scroll in my right hand, holding the rational reasons to lose weight, and a pile of fat in my left hand, representing the layer of safety and protection that fat provides. Upon integrating the two, I visualized muscle.

From that, I conclude that building muscle will provide me with the same protection and safety that I formerly got from my layers of fat.  That’s a powerful reason to exercise.

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Renee Stephens has a highly recommended podcast about creating your intuitive eating self. It’s called Inside Out Weight Loss, and is subscribable through iTunes.

Being a consultant, she of course offers product for sale. Since I’d found the guided journeys that she’s used in the podcasts to be helpful, I decided to buy a commercial one, namely Sabotage Self-sabotage. She recommends to start with this one. The cost is $29.95. Link is here.

I bought and downloaded it yesterday, as my reward for completing the 4 Day Win last week. I’ve taken the journey twice as of this moment.

Results so far:

  • I am able to relax enough to follow the actions
  • It raises some emotions, so it seems to be having an impact
  • The images I create during the journey are different in each journey
  • The relaxation follows me after the journey is over
  • The notion of flowing the positive elements through my body is interesting, and may be starting to have a positive impact

My plan is to take the journey as often as possible until the end of February, and see what happens. I’ll keep you posted.

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There’s a podcast called Inside Out Weight loss, cast by Renee Stephens. I’ve been listening to the podcasts for a while, and find that it really has helped me stop overeating.

Since I have so much weight to lose, and so much crap thinking to clean up, I know it will take a long time to make the changes I’m making. As ever, my goal is to be an intuitive eater in a normal weight range.

It would be really great if you could help me by listening along and giving feedback. There are about 3 dozen podcasts, and I will post my notes from each podcast along with a link to Renee’s site, so you can listen along. I’d really appreciate comments from you with your opinions and experiences.

Please note I am not associated with Renee Stephens in any way. I just listen to the podcasts and work on improving my own life.

Here are the basics:

Renee’s web page is located at http://personallifemedia.com/hosts/208-renee-stephens

The podcasts are http://personallifemedia.com/podcasts/216-inside-out-weight-loss
They are also available on iTunes, just search for Inside Out Weight Loss. I personally subscribe via iTunes.
On the podcast site, she sometimes includes a transcript. That helps my understanding.

I’ll post my notes whenever I finish them for a particular podcast, and I’ll go in order, from podcast 000 through now.

Feel free to say anything you want to say about the podcasts. Comments might occasionally be edited, but for the most part I’m tolerant of dissenting opinions.


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You might remember from my Easter post that I was listening to a couple of podcasts, and could tell some improvement was happening, but didn’t know which podcast was helping.

It seems to be the podcast from Renee Stephens, Inside Out Weight Loss. So far, I’m able to work with the ideas of getting my whole self aligned with my recovery, and setting holistic goals.

One of the major elements is writing out the answers to 4 questions. Here are the questions and my answers.

How do you know you want to change

1.       What unwanted behaviors do you have?

a.       I eat more than I need to get me happily to the next meal

b.      I blank out sometimes and eat unconsciously

c.       I eat high caloric-density foods when lighter ones would do fine

2.      What symptoms do you have?

a.       Knee pain

b.      I need a lot of rest

c.       150 pounds of excess weight

d.      Low self-esteem experiences

e.       Obsession with food body diet

f.        High blood pressure

g.       Bad fit in some physical situations

3.      What are the consequences of those behaviors and symptoms?

a.       I don’t enjoy life as I could

b.      I don’t lose weight

c.       I get ignored

d.      People avoid me

e.       Reluctance to go out in public

f.        I’m constantly critical of my behaviors

g.       I spend a lot of effort taking extreme precautions to avoid discomfort or embarrassment

4.      What other people are affected by your problem? How are they affected?

a.       DH must constantly listen to the broken record

b.      DD: I don’t relax and be as direct a mother as I otherwise could

c.       Colleagues: I’m inefficient in my work and frequently incommunicative

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One of my friends gave me a copy of her Easter picture to post – a Lindt take on a well-known internet cartoon.

Decide that you want it more than you are afraid of it. – Bill Cosby

I’ve spent the first half of my long weekend nurturing myself with some spiritual support. Mostly I’ve been doing things that feel good. For example, I told DH last night that I felt like loading the dishwasher, but I just couldn’t get over the mental block of unloading the clean dishes. He smiled over my little foible, but ultimately he did both unloading and loading, which freed me up to do laundry. I exercised during TV, and I let myself not eat as much as I usually tell myself I have to eat.

Here are 2 podcasts that I’m not yet confident that are good, but I’ll let you decide for yourselves.

Oprah and Eckhart Tolle: a podcast that is good about learning mindfulness and being present in the moment, but too heavy on spiritual awakening. I found that I get more out of the discussion when I download and watch the video podcast, which is 1G huge.  A New Earth

Renee Stephen’s Inside Out Weight Loss. Good about the need to change your beliefs, but bad about how to do it. Still nice stories. Also a Yahoo discussion group.

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